Deliver Science Practical Exercises with Automated Assessments.

Set-up practical labs for your students in 3 clicks and generate quality questions for practice and assessments from your teaching notes using our AI tools.

Why Stanlab?

Some Amazing Benefits of Our School Lab


Improve Students Performance

Stanlab provides your students with unrestricted access to curriculum aligned, required practical exercises. More, teachers can customised the labs so your students can have extended practice time. We have designed gamification into our labs, making it fun for students to learn with a storytelling feature that explains the real-life application of each of the labs. All of these helps your student improve their STEM understanding and grades.


Reduce Teacher's Workload

It takes minutes to set up StanLab compared to 60 minutes or more spent by teachers to set up practical lab in traditional physical laboratory. This means teachers have more time to focus on each student's learning needs. Our lab comes with embedded learning analytics for teachers to personalise lessons and integrates with popular LMS like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams Edu.


Cut School Laboratory Expenses

Save cost with our 3D virtual laboratory students can retake practical multiple times without using up chemicals. You no longer have to worry about safety hazards or broken lab equipment that should be replaced. Our immersive solution brings STEM practical to life in a virtual world, allowing students to practise and master complex experiments without constraints.


How It Works

Start now in 3 easy steps

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The teacher selects experiments, generates questions and assigns tasks to students.

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The students log in to carry out the practical and complete the task.

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The teacher receives the student's performance report.



Key Features of StanLab







Topical Question Generator


Auto-Graded Assessment


Gamification of Lessons

Present engaging, animated stories that explain the real-life application of the lab practical to students, ensuring active participation and increased attention span.

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testimonial quote

It was indeed a nice experience using The Exam-Prep virtual laboratory. I was able to teach science experiments with easy guidance using the Exam-Prep App. I am highly optimistic as this app will help learners and educators to get more integrated into the STEM world. Thanks, StanLab for making teaching/learning easy and fun. The app is impactful, engaging, innovative, and interesting.

Peter Abimbola

Blue Ribbon Global Academy

I teach both A' Level and O' level Biology.
I can boast that this app is not just for the Nigerian curriculum. It can be successfully infused into the British and American curricula too, especially if your school is the kind that marries curriculum. I have used many virtual labs and I can say that Stanlab is not a push aside among many virtual labs that I know of.
Good job guys.

Mr Sam

American Christian College Ibadan, Nigeria

Who could ever believe the teaching profession could get this exciting the saying that “the reward of the Teacher is in Heaven” is the opposite with Stanlab! This is a sustainable solution to the learning crises in Nigeria. Being a recipient of the Teachers' Challenge reward has boosted my passion for doing more in supporting the Stanlab vision!! Stanlab rocks!!!

Olumide Akinyemi

Smartnov Africa

A big shout out to StanLab, thank you for having students at heart, thanks for making teaching/learning easy and fun, and the app is both innovative, engaging, interesting, and impactful.
I wouldn't stop telling other teachers and students about it.

Abaire Rachael

NobleGate School


Everything you need to know about StanLab.

StanLab is an education technology company that is leveraging emerging technologies like real-time 3D, virtual reality, and machine learning to create cutting-edge products that provide quality STEM education for all students, no matter their background.